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Our mailing list or information gathered from our give-aways, mailing list/blog subscriptions + comments, or intakes will only be used for our own work within KotaPress / Grief & Creativity/ Mother Henna . We do not ever sell or rent lists or information to others. You will always see "unsubscribe" opt-out links at the bottom of our mailing list messages. Intakes are private under confidentiality agreement.

If you leave public comments that contain very personal information like street address, we may edit or delete to protect privacy. We reserve the right to refuse to post any comment we deem racist, sexist, or any other -ist on the planet.

When we do review books or products, we'll tell you in the review if anything was sent to us free for purpose of review or if we bought it personally. Many of the freebie books or cds are donated forward to local libraries or to support groups lending libraries or offered in blog give-aways.

All information presented on our websites, blogs, in readings or coaching, and in our printed and electronic materials are meant as information and do not in any way replace needs you may have for seeking other professional or medical advice or care.  Please take responsibility for your own best self-care!

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