Hi! I'm Kara. It is my heARTwork and offerings you see here.

Got into this work as an artist first -- call myself a heARTist. This grief and creativity stuff came out of personal experiences including the birth/deaths of three children along the way. I was shocked after my first stillbirth to then have a second one where the experience was *completely* different than the first!

I thought if we got to know grief, we knew it. But I discovered we can't know any experience until it comes -- even if circumstances are similar. And so I've continued on while holding the idea that, what we *can* do, is creatively approach everything that comes.

Part of my continued creative explorations around grief come out of dealing with chronic illness, too. The chronic experiences have shown me ways that non-death related grief rears its head and asks to be tended. I find that I am building and practicing both life and grief skills all the time.

Probably best peek into my daily-ish life lately is my Insta feed as that's where I post most regularly.

I do post semi-regularly, including offering podcasts, here through this blog now, too. So welcome and I'm happy to have you as a reader here!

My main website is at GriefAndCreativity.com if you want to learn more about my classes, books, and art.

My work is more heART-making than art making.

My experience includes:

  • Carnegie Mellon University double degree Literary+Cultural Theory and Creative Writing w emphasis on poetics plus minor in Early Childhood Education from Chatham
  • 3 Years interning with Family Communication Incorporated who were then the producers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood
  • Over 17 years of practice + RMT certification + Appreciative Inquiry and Whole Systems Coaching certification with HERO’S JOURNEY as key model
  • Level III Narrative Therapy Training with Stephen Madigan
  • Enduring the deaths of three children as well as chronic health issues while learning to live my life in the face of grief and loss
  • Co-founding both KotaPress and The Creative Grief Studio
  • 25+ years of writing + artwork publication and shows
  • Authoring books including Mrs. Duck + the Woman, Flash of Life, 1,000 Permissions Granted, Woodmont Ave, and more

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