Transformation Talk on grief, creativity, alternative paradigms, and more...

Had a wonderful opportunity to connect with Alana Sheeren when she was hosting Transformation Talks, and our conversation is out on the interwebs for you to watch any time you'd like. Just click the image below to go to YouTube and listen in:

We talked about so much, including:

  • our son's stillbirth and how his name KOTA turned out to mean Knowing Ourselves Thru Art
  • how grief + creativity were immediately linked for me
  • grief + creativity education opportunities being continually offered
  • creative prompts, narrative therapy, and other tools for breaking open the definition of creativity
  • learning to find your own heARTmaking way
  • alternatives to traditional "slay the dragon" and "closure" paradigms
  • externalizing: "I am bereaved" vs "I have had a bereavement experience"
  • letter writing in narrative practice lets you continue the conversation
  • experiences at Mister Rogers Neighborhood
  • and more...

Couple updates since this Talk first aired:

  • Cath and I have added a whole bunch of lovely faculty to the Certification in Creative Grief Support program, offering you new content and team facilitation for each session. We are now offering the course multiple times per year with sessions starting in March or September. To read all about our continuing education for helping professionals, click here to see our site.
  • If you are personally having a grief experience and want to explore creative approaches with me, I now offer multiple opportunities for small groups and individuals. To learn more about the classes and session I offer, click here to see my site

Miracles to you,

[This talk originally aired on August 14, 2013.]

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