Holidaze: collaborative, community post

Over the couple decades of doing grief exploration and outreach, I've created many different graphics exploring the idea of the holidaze. Today, for our collaborative, community post on this topic, I thought I'd gather some of the ones people have responded to most strongly and share them in this one gathering spot. (You can click on any of the graphics below to see original size or post.) Hope you will consider them creative prompts or inspirations for exploring how you can tend your heart and creative heART while grieving during the holiday season. As many gifts as we scramble to give others along the way, I hope you will gift yourself with what you need to best tend now and in the coming year. Here goes.

First tending yourself:

Gift giving with a twist:

Finding rituals anew:

And now to share the 

Community Offerings 

that were so heARTfully shared for this topic:



Thank you again to each of you, Michelle, Christine, Sharon, and Amanda! My whole heart to each of you for being willing to share and be part of the community expressions of grief and love around the holi-daze of the holidays.

And to all of you reading, waves and waves of Reiki coming your ways in support for whatever your holidays are looking and feeling like this year. Please remember if you are having a hard time at any point, you don't have to struggle alone. Tap into a resource like the Crisis Text Line if you need it:

And remember, you have permission:

Miracles and love to you!

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