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red decorative background with what looks like a note on white paper pushpined to the background with black text on it that reads: the question continues to be, "How can we be present with whatever IS rather than judge it, hate it, try desperately to change it?"

Grief is not always a desired place to be hanging around to visit. But it IS. And as humans, what do we learn if we spend some time just BEing with it. We might hate it and desperately want it to change leave be different. But if that is not possible right now, how do we just BE with ourselves and our broken open hearts so that we can tend?

You are worth that tending.

You are allowed to feel it all without spiritual or other bypassing.

Even the hating of grief -- be with that, too. What do you learn being present there?

Please give yourself some space and grace to become the grief literate being your heart needs now.

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