monsters in the closet, grief in the body

Sometimes with things that seem like monsters in the closet or something to be gotten over or pushed through, if we instead, sit in the closet with them or invite them out to chat or offer a gentle touch, sometimes it goes a looooong way toward tending ourselves.

There was a time when the joints in my elbows were just in so much pain. I didn't want to deal with the pain. Rather I wanted it to go away, be done, or to push through it til it felt better. I certainly did not want to invite the pain out from the closet of my joints to chat with it! But I did. This particular monster reminded me it was an anniversary date of the birthdeath of my son. Though my mind was pushing through to "be present" and "live life", well, my body was aching with the longing of not holding him as most moms do with their babies.

Some gentle touch to the elbows...

Some kindness instead of capitalist patriarchal "push through" b.s....

Some time spent chatting with pain to see what she was pointing toward in my heart...

ALL these made huge difference.

Your permissions slips will not be exactly the same as mine...make your own...tend as you need. Know that you don't need anyone else's permission to chat with the monsters in the closet nor to tend the grief in the body.

Reiki streaming to any eyeball who is here reading!

[Previous version published Spring 2010 in Radical Creativity]

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